Community is built on a common bond and a solid foundation. At Balance we share the bond of conscious mindedness and a love for the practice. Our solid foundation was shaken with the parting of Melissa our guiding light & founder and we’ve been in a long transition period ever since.


It is with great honor that we share with you some wonderful news. Our transition is about to come to an end as Balance has found new stable ground in a new owner! Our beloved Debbie O’Connor has stepped into her destiny and upon the start of the new year will become the matriarch Balance has long awaited.


With a heart full of love and many years of commitment and service to the community we know Debbie will be the one to cement the foundation allowing our community to flourish like never before. 


What does this mean for our students? 

It means more prescience of leadership, more positive energy, more classes and events, more love and radiance as you walk through the doors of this sacred space.


Otherwise things will operate very much as usual. All pre-purchased packages and classes will be honored, standard packages will become available again, all our amazing teachers will remain and we welcome you with open arms.