Class Descriptions: 

On-Line Yoga Basics is a class that contains the foundational postures of yoga. This class focuses on the breath and alignment and is perfect for the practitioner who prefers to move slowly in and out of each posture while detoxifying the body creating strength, flexibility, and balance for the body and soothing the mind.


On-Line Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa inspired class we will be connecting the breath with movement.  Holding the postures as we bring our awareness to our bodies and breathe, the practitioner develops awareness and understanding of the proper alignments.

in Strength & Grace class we will move through a flow practice integrating your breath with movement all along building strength and stability. We start moving and warming up the body with core strengthening mat pilates exercises incorporating a vinyasa yoga practice focusing on building strength and stability. By strengthening your core it can improve your asana practice, balance, flexibility, physical and mental well being.

In Gentle Yoga, you will find a blend of gentle movement and a restorative/Yin.  You’ll be guided into poses opening areas of the body at a slower pace offer a more relaxing practice.  


It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must tell you that due to the mandate of all non-essential businesses to close in March from the Coronavirus, I must close the doors permanently at the Studio in Perth Amboy.  I wish with all my heart that this was not so.   It's heartbreaking for me and for so many other small businesses that are in this unfortunate circumstance.  The worst is that we have absolutely no control and with this unforeseen future, I have no other choice but to close.  I will, however, continue to teach virtually.  I'm still and always will be Balance Yoga & Wellness, and I am so happy to share my practice with you from my little home studio space virtually.   With love & gratitude, Debbie


What does this mean for your classes that you still have available on your active cards? 


- I will continue to offer classes on-line. 

- All active class cards can be used for all on-line classes.  

- Class Drop-In $10.00  

- Pre-registration must be made up to 90 minutes prior to the start of class.

- All classes will be 60 minutes long & will be recorded. 

- A Link of the recorded class will be emailed within 90 minutes to all registered for that class & will be active until midnight that night.