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Studio Owner

Having always been intrigued by Yoga, along with the desire to learn more about how it might help her endure Vestibular Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis she stepped out of her comfort zone and walked into Balance Studio.  Soon after her first yoga class in 2007, she realized how much yoga helped her physically, emotionally and mentally endure her physical discomfort.


 After years of focusing on her practice, she realized it was time to delve deeper into the practices and share the ease she found. In 2014 she completed her first 200-hour certification, another 200 hours in 2015 and finished her 500-hour certification in 2018 as well as additional certifications in Mat Pilates, PreNatal, Senior/Chair Yoga and is a Master Reiki Teacher.


Debbie offers dynamic yet peaceful classes, which blends balance, strength, and flexibility. She believes that Yoga is for everyone and strives on assisting people of all ability levels to honor their body so they can deepen their practice safely and peacefully.  One of her greatest joys is guiding others into this realm of peacefulness that Yoga provides. 


Shana has been a devoted student of yoga on and off the mat since 2004.

She teaches a challenging, fitness focused class inspired by Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. She believes that an intense physical practice connecting breath to movement is a beautiful path to meditation and self acceptance.


Michelle’s love for Yoga began back in 2000 and instantly fell in love. She immediately felt an enhanced connection between her mind and body, one of which she had never felt before. Every time she practiced yoga, she watched her true self shine.

Michelle began her journey towards teaching at Tula Yoga where she completed her required 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Her personal favorite form of yoga is vinyassa flow. She is always seeking out new challenges and ways to advance her practice and aims for her students to progress in the same way  Her teaching is said to leave everyone with a smile on their face and can be defined as heartfelt yet challenging.


 A motto that she feels accurately represents her lifestyle and teaching methods is, “life is about gratitude, compassion, and honoring your body on and off the mat.”


Jacqueline is inspired to teach because she believes that yoga is for all people, regardless of age, strengths, limitations or body type.  As a Physical Education teacher for almost 3 decades, she has deep knowledge of human physiology, but perhaps, more importantly she has developed an appreciation for individual differences among people, their bodies, and their relationships with their bodies.  She feels strongly that yoga is a physical practice that can be inclusive of all body types, and can affect changes that extend beyond its physical benefits. After 5 years of practicing yoga, she decided to become a yoga teacher to share the practice that has helped her transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  In her classes, she cultivates a safe space, in which her students can feel free to love their bodies exactly as they are in the moment.  Her classes emphasize mindful movement as a pathway to connect with all layers of the self.


Alaina holds a MA from Columbia University and a BA from Rutgers University, parenting a medically fragile son and being a teacher of students with behavioral challenges led her to discover yoga over a decade ago and bring it into her life and classroom.

Yoga has helped her connect to her true self and has truly changed the way she lives. She is an active mother (of 3) and wife having completed several half marathons and triathlons as she strives to be “fit in your 40s”. Alaina received her 200 hour certification in 2015 through Yoga Education Institute with Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ and a 50 hour prenatal yoga intensive through Nectar and Nurture Yoga in Lawenceville, NJ. Her classes focus on breath and movement, fostering a sense of using the breath to deepen and be present. 

Having been a public school teacher for over 20 years, alaina also fosters friendship and light heartedness in each class while helping you to be fit, flexible, and de-stress. 


Angie believes in the power of yoga as a preventative wellness practice with a focus on alignment, mindfulness and the balance of effort and ease. She attended Quinnipiac University and achieved her masters degree of Occupational Therapy (MOT), giving her a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology. During her time at school, she began practicing yoga in 2013 to self rehabilitate her knee after ACL surgery. After feeling the benefits of the yoga practice within her own physical body, she decided to complete a basic Yoga Fit training to teach yoga to students within her college. 

Angie completed her 200hr yoga teacher training in April of 2019 with Hot Yoga Revolution in Cranford, NJ. She has been trained with Journey into Power Baptiste Power Vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment while building strength to protect the body from injury and maintain muscle integrity. She was attuned by a Reiki Master receiving her Level 1 training and has been practicing ever since providing holistic energy healing to those who are open to receive.


When Sue first found yoga, her practice was strictly physical.  As she continued learning and working on her asana practice, she soon discovered that her practice grew into more than just physical.   She realized there is more to the practice of yoga, then just the physicality of it.  She felt transformed, she felt transcended.  After 10 years of personal practice, Sue yearned to learn and dive deeper into the practice of yoga and its ancient philosophy.   That’s what lead her to obtain her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification. 


Sue’s philosophy is "Begin where you are, listen to your body and breathe; the gifts of your practice will find you, ground you, nourish you, and uplift you."


When Carrie began practicing yoga she was immediately grateful for the impact the practice had on her physically, but it was the spiritual and emotional healing that her yoga journey brought that compelled her to share the practice with others through teaching. Carrie has always been passionate about helping people and says she is truly energized and honored to act as a light along her students path to peace of mind, body, and spirit. Evidence indicates that every being can benefit from a yoga practice and Carrie is adamant that there is a style and/or teacher for everyone! Carrie’s intention is to create classes which guide students inward, improve body and mind function and experience, and allow space and time for a connection to something greater. She enjoys leading Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Meditation classes.


Carrie studied and received her yoga teaching certifications at Tula Yoga in Matawan, NJ. She also holds a BA in Sociology and minor in Women Studies from Rutgers University and is recognized as a Certified Professional through the Society for Human Resources Management.


Studio Founder

Melissa founded Balance Yoga Studio in April 2004 and managed it until May 2017, when she decided it was time to close the cycle and return to her roots in Virginia.  She married a sweetheart from her teenage years & now lives on the Chesapeake Bay where she spends most of her days nestled in nature.  


Today she designs and teaches meditation/wellbeing events live & online for a variety of international corporations.  Being most passionate about meditation, its ability to unwind our mind & body and rewire our brain has led her to study neuroscience. She is known for weaving science based facts with soul stirring insight into her classes.  Visit her website: w or reach out to her via email for more information on meditation or working with her. You can also find her on the free app INSIGHT TIMER