We know beginning a Yoga practice can be very intimidating.  That is why we have provided all the "pro tips" for helping you feel comfortable coming into our studio and classes.   We employ the friendliest and most helpful staff to help answer any of your questions, big or small.  Our teachers are highly certified and trained to teach the beginner practitioner and help you grow in your practice.  Our classes are diversified to provide all types of classes to our many clients.  You will never get the same thing twice.  Depending on what you are looking for, we offer non-heated, warm and hot classes, including meditation classes.  

Your first class is the hardest one.  That is why we offer our new students to try 30 days unlimited for $60  so you can come to any regularly scheduled class.   This way you can see if we are a good fit for you.  


The links provided below will give you all the information you need to make you comfortable starting a Yoga practice.  And as always, our desk staff is there to answer any of your questions.  Stop in or call anytime.  We can't wait for you to experience a Balance class and see the difference it can make in your life. 




This will be your first impression of Yoga and it is important you show up for the class that is suitable for you.  The class schedule provided below are all beginner-friendly classes & would be a perfect start to your Yoga journey.

YOGA FOUNDATIONS       Mondays 7:45pm & Sundays 11:30 am

HOT YOGA BASICS.             Tuesdays 7:45 pm

WARM YOGA BASICS         Fridays 6:30 pm & Sundays 10:00 am  These drop-in classes are only $5 to attend so you do not have to purchase a class card. 

Tips from a fellow nervous beginners point of view:


 ~ Don’t stress, if you’ve never been to a yoga class or it’s been years, it’s okay! You will most likely not be the only beginner in the class, even if no one else is admitting it. Before I started going I did a tiny bit of googling, just so I could re-familiarize myself with some of the poses, not that I needed too it just made me feel a bit more confident.


~Drink lot’s of water all day leading up to your class. You just need to be hydrated, which means drink those 8 glasses a day, easy stuff.;)


~Don’t eat at least an hour before, sorta like swimming. It’s hot in the room and doing anything physical on a full stomach, especially in the heat is no bueno.


-We do not allow anyone under the age of 15 to attend classes. Those 15 - 17 must be accompanied by an adult.  Please do not bring your child to the studio as we do not have child care at this time. 


~Bring:  a mat, a towel to lay on your mat (you can buy special sweat-absorbing towels – I have yet to own one), a smaller hand towel to help wipe away facial sweat (I can’t stand when it’s getting in my eyes), a bottle of water, and if you want a clean, dry towel to use for after class if you want to shower. You can usually rent a mat and a towel from any studio, so if you don’t own a mat you can do that.


~Arrive 20 mins early, then you have time to relax a bit before going in – sometimes the lead up to doing something new is the most stressful part. For me, once I’m there I feel better, calmer – and you can use the extra time to set yourself up in class so you feel more relaxed when class starts.


~Wear something you feel comfortable moving around and sweating in. I find clothing that is a bit more fitted, that pulls the sweat away from your body works best. Lot’s of shops sell “Yoga Clothing” but not all of them have the sweat pulling away proprieties (that’s the technical term, right?) –Target, Lululemon & Athleta (though a bit pricey) have by far the best hot yoga clothes, in my opinion.


~Once you enter the room, set up quietly and then lay down. Start to breathe slowly and relax, the initial heat shock fades and you get used to it pretty quick (getting used to the heat does not mean you don’t sweat like crazy still). Also while we are talking about laying down, if at anytime during class you feel a bit too hot or dizzy go back to the mat and lay down or go to childs pose. Even expert yogis have moments when they need to do this, so don’t push it too hard.


~Breathe! I find the room much cooler, I sweat less and my balance and ability to hold postures is MUCH better when I concentrate on my breath over everything else.


The major benefits I have noticed:


~Number one for me is it’s "Alone Time." This is HUGE. I rarely get a moment alone – my Balance classes are alone time, fitness and relaxation all balled into one. I don’t think there is anything else I have ever done that has offered so much in a 60  min time frame. Finding time can be tough (but SO worth it), I usually wake up early and go to the Friday 5:45 AM class – then I’m home during breakfast and before my husband has to go to work.


​~I’m naturally very anxious, stressed out person – something I’m pretty good at hiding. Yoga helps to calm and center myself, so I fake it less. After attending class I am able to take the relaxation away from class and use it the rest of the day or night.


~Strength and toning!  I have noticed the same amount of toning as I did when working out in the gym in my consistent practice of Booty & Yoga at Balance. My arms are becoming even more defined than they ever were when I was lifting weights, and my strength is not just weight lifting strength its deep (yoga goes after the deep muscles): core, back, arms, legs full-body strength. Also, I have noticed the added benefits of flexibility, stretching and balance – all things that have improved my daily life tremendously.


~I have noticed my clothes FIT better and some not at all (inches lost, means some clothing is falling off). This is one of those things that would be different for each person I think.


~I am not a scientist (nor do I play one on tv), so I can’t say for sure that these benefits are results everyone will experience but for me: my skin is much healthier (I had a major teenage acne break out when I first started, but huge improvements otherwise), my allergies are much more bearable (an evening class helps to sweat off the symptoms that came overnight), that horrible monthly visitor is still very horrible but not as nightmarish, sleep has been much smoother and less of a fight (before even though I’d be exhausted, I just couldn’t sleep).


~Generally, it’s hard to explain without sounding like a total cheese ball – I just feel better. Like a better me: I’m stronger, I breathe deeper and more clearly, I’m more understanding towards myself and others (because I’m calm), my anxiety levels are much lower and anxiety itself is much easier to control, I have more energy, and am way stronger to go on longer walks, runs and vigorous playtime with my kids.


~I find I treat my body and mind much better after attending yoga regularly: drinking more water, eating better, being kinder and more understanding towards myself (which in turn means I’m kinder and more understanding to everyone else), I feel good so naturally I make good choices (this one is hard to explain).