Namaste Friends of Balance,

As many have heard Balance is going through a transition of ownership. After 13 years of heartfelt, soul soothing community service the universe has made it clear that my path must follow a new direction. Nine weeks ago I underwent surgery to remove every millimeter of my reproductive organs due to cancer. It is now time for me to turn my energy inward and focus on my health & family as I fiercely walk with my heart forward.  After over 13 years of nurturing the community I have decided the time is right to hand over Balance. Yes, the studio is going to experience changes and change can be scary but it can also be exciting. This is part of the thrill of life, the natural balance of the universe, another shining example of yin & yang. 


To first address a few of the most important questions on people's minds.


Yes, the studio is remaining open.

Yes, all packages/memberships will be honored. Yes, all our favorite teachers are still on the schedule.


This decision to pass the yogic flame, to trust in another's abilities to care for and nurture the child of my labor of love, this sacred space that we call "Balance" was not made lightly. The transition has been carefully managed as I prepare to pass on a dozen + years of love, sweat & tears to it's humble new parent, Brian Wcislo. 


Brian is a passionate father, yogi, artist and entrepreneur who has been teaching at the studio for over a year. His instant & undeniable connection with me was the initial seed that began to bloom into this beautiful new flower. With over 6 years of yoga practice, 15 years of business ownership, and a clear commitment to the community & studio the pieces all fell magnificently into place.  Here are a few words from Brian: 


"Together our studio manager, Janine,  & I will continue to build off of this magnificent foundation Melissa established for the community. Our goal is to elevate the overall student experience by adding additional training for our teachers, new and unique classes to the schedule and hosting ongoing workshops and events that are sure to raise the vibration of our yoga family." 


While Brian & Janine will absorb the day to day responsibilities of running the studio, I will be keeping a watchful eye out and act as a mentor for the dynamic duo. And, I have every intention of popping in to guest teach when I am ready & able.  


The official transition date is June 1st, 2017 and an open house / 13th anniversary party for the studio is being scheduled for the end of June. We welcome you all to come experience the new and exciting energy that is buzzing through the space.


It is with peace in my mind & warmth in my heart that I look forward to the future of Balance.  


May you be free from danger.

May you have mental happiness.

May you have physical happiness.

And may you find ease amongst the effort of life. 





P.S If you would like to chat or reach out to me please feel free to email me at: