Weekday Morning classes starting in JUNE!

Email us with a class or event requests as we are here to  help you live well and find ease while doing so.

Upcoming Events:

ESSENTIAL  Slow Flow & Sonic Surrender

slow flow yoga practice meets ambient sound & aromatherapy.

 Date TBD


11:30 am

Join Stacy Anuttara Newfeld, yoga teacher, sound healer & essential oil educator alongside the multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Tabinstereo for an evening of Epic Vibrations. We will move to the live vibes of Tab followed up with a crystal sound bath all while being bathed in the finest essential oils on the planet dōTERRA. 
No prior yoga experience is necessary, wear comfortable clothing. 


Prop it Like It's Hot

Find more space, freedom & stability in your poses

Date: TBD


11:30 am

This class will help to extend the range of skills of each person through proper alignment with the use of a variety of props. Props allow you to experiment and make progressions less intimidating, rather than struggling and possibly even causing an injury.  The first hour provides a combination of alignment and the freedom to explore within familiar poses. The second hour will consist of a class where you can transform your practice for greater opening, stretching, strengthening or all of the above. 

No prior yoga experience is necessary, wear comfortable clothing. 



MEDITATION: Mantra Meditation with Mala & Crystals 


March 29th 1:00-2:00 Fee: $10


10:00 am

"I would love to meditate, but my mind is too crazy." 
"I don't know how." 
"It takes too long." 
"You don't understand . . . I just can't! " 

If you've ever thought about meditation and had any version of the above conversation with yourself, this workshop is for you. Join, Debbie, Balance Owner, for a workshop on demystifying meditation. She will share several different techniques and types of meditations to help you learn more and start practicing. We'll have an informative discussion, practice as a group, and take time to answer any and all questions.



dōTERRA Essential Wellness 1.0


next class TBD 

Come learn & share in a relaxed environment. You’ll have the chance to test & smell why dōTERRA is the leader in essential oils, why hospitals across the country are using only CPTG dōTERRA. And how these 'gifts of the earth' can support you & your family with life's every day up's & downs.


Stacy Anuttara Newfeld is a yoga teacher/student & sound healer. She is also a lead educator with dōTERRA.

She & her husband Seth run a global organization of visionary leaders & her mission is to outfit as many homes as possible with natural tools to support health & well being.