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learn to connect with your intuition through meditation, intuitive exercises and more.

The mind thinks, the heart feels, but the gut knows.

Intuition is not just some magical, spiritual super power that only a select few people in the world have been granted.  We ALL have intuitive gifts that serve to guide us in the right direction.. consider it your SOUL speaking to you!  Yet, we spend most of our time in our heads or our hearts, thinking and feeling through life, rather than truly listening to our soul and trusting these messages.  

In this workshop, we’ll meditate, we’ll flow, and we’ll talk through various ways to tap into your own personal intuition.  You’ll learn a few intuitive “tests” that will help you verify and ultimately trust these messages from your soul, and we’ll have plenty of time to connect, discuss, and try on these new techniques! 

Mala & Mantra Workshop

make your own, unique half-mala and learn how to use it in mantra meditation

Dec. 15th 1:00 -3:00pm  $40.00 includes all materials


Join us for a Mala-making workshop, where you'll make your own, unique half-mala and learn how to use it in mantra meditation (japa). In creating your own sacred jewelry, you'll be able to imbue your own intentions and purpose. You'll learn how to keep your jewelry clear and available to assist you in your growth. We will also go over mantras and how to use them in meditation with your new mala. We will close class with one round of japa meditation to seal in the intention for your mala and your connection to the mantra you've chosen. An assortment of beautiful stones will be provided as well as accents and pendants to make it your very own. 

We invite you to create a special mala with us and deepen your practice with the addition of mantra meditation. 

dōTERRA Essential Wellness 1.0


Jan. 5th 1:00 - 2:00pm 

Come learn & share in a relaxed environment. You’ll have the chance to test & smell why dōTERRA is the leader in essential oils, why hospitals across the country are using only CPTG dōTERRA. And how these 'gifts of the earth' can support you & your family with life's everyday up's & downs.


Stacy Anuttara Newfeld is a yoga teacher/student & sound healer. She is also lead educator with dōTERRA.

She & her husband Seth run a global organization of visionary leaders & her mission is to outfit as many homes as possible with natural tools to support health & well being.

Balance Yoga & Wellness Studio

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