Corporate Yoga and Meditation 

Modern life pushes us towards a fast paced and stressful rhythm of unhealthy habits and patterns making it difficult to maintain physical or mental health.


At Balance Studio we offer holistic programs that create a shift towards a more harmonious and fulfilling work life balance. We have developed numerous service offering to help organizations care for the wellbeing of their most valuable assets (their employees) by reducing stress, building focus as well as moving and stretching the body in healthy and intelligent ways.  


Yoga practice provides the body with both flexibility and strength, which improves the overall posture and health of the body. Yoga also develops control of the breath which stimulates the part of the nervous system that is in charge of regulating the states of relaxation. A healthy body and relaxed mind responds efficiently to moments of pressure. Our classes start with easy exercises to develop the awareness of the body, and slowly moves to empowering yoga postures (asanas) to develop control of the muscles and concentration of the mind. We combine different styles such as Hatha, Anusara™, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Restorative and Therapeutics to suit the needs of each group.


We offer onsite yoga classes for your employees or in our serene studio which supports classes up to 24 students. 


Although meditation has been around for thousands of years it has recently risen to the the surface of mainstream acceptance. Not only does this ancient practice help to develop concentration and awareness it also reduces stress, increases health and . Through various styles of meditation the mind reaches a peaceful state embracing the present moment with gratitude and responsibility. A quiet mind has more ability to focus allowing us to make more clear and conscious decisions. We include diverse techniques in our meditation sessions such as breathing exercises, guided meditations, sanskrit mantra recitation and Yoga Nidra.


We offer onsite meditation classes for your employees or in our serene studio which supports classes up to 35 students.

Every organization and it's requirements are unique, which is why we start with a discovery meeting to fully understand your needs. From there we build a custom wellness package that fits perfectly into your time, budget and personnel requirements.

Packages start from $100!

Email us and we'll schedule a time to create something special for your organization.